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  Tim Walsh
[206] 324.9967
4105 E Madison suite #1
Seattle, WA. 98112

Natural Hair Care
Madison Park Wa.

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When I started cutting hair in Seattle (back in the fun 80's).
I concentrated on learning and developing techniques that would achieve the style or effect I wanted. Cutting straight, fine hair is completely different than cutting thick and curly hair. Each requires its own set of techniques.

My approach to cutting hair is to listen to your likes, dislikes and desires you have for your hair. If you do not know what you want you probably know what you don't like. I will offer my thoughts and recomendations as well. E-mail or bringing along pictures of styles always makes it more clear and is encouraged.



Tim Walsh Salon is Madison Park's Haircolor Authority.
Coloring, hilighting, foiling, balayage is more art than science. Whether you are looking to add highlights or lowlights, change your color, in need of color correction or are trying to find a haircolor that works best with your skin tone, I will work with you to achieve what you want. I have been a haircolorist in Seattle for as long as I have been cutting and probably do as much if not more hair color than cutting. My approach to hair coloring is similar to cutting in that I listen to what you want and also take into account your skin tone, the condition and the other colors in your hair. I also think in terms of how your color will grow out and look like in 3-5 weeks. Avoiding those faded rusty red tones and brassy yellow is something I have been able to help a lot of people with. My hair coloring work is guaranteed.

Fixing hair color that has become dull, damaged, brassy, rusty and harsh looking requires starting with the correct hair color in the beginning. Once the hair has become a color you do not want, fixing it requires considering the amount of damage already done to the hair to choose colors that not only fix hair color problems but also that do not damage it further.

Ombre' Color

Ombre' means Shade, Shaded and Shadow in French.

It is bascially hair color that gradually goes from one darker color on top to a lighter color on the ends.

Balayage Color

Balayage is another French word (meaning Sweeping and Scanning) used in the hair world to describe hair that has had color applied freehand. So no foils or caps...painted on with a brush basically. Balayage is the most free form process of coloring. I often combine multiple techniques, like foiling and balayage when I am coloring.


Foiling, weaving and/or painting one or multiple colors, getting right down to the scalp, insuring the longest possible grow out time, is how I approach highlighting. Applying color using a paint brush, foil, cellophane or whatever will achieve the affect, which really is the point anyway. Whether you want a finely woven natural highlight/lowlight, a streaky more noticeable or a chunky dramatic look or a blend of different colors, I listen to what you want and use the best technique and product for the job.


I do a lot of permanents designed to add body and not a lot of curl these days. There are a lot more options with perms and in general they have become more reliable and actually smell better as well :)



Thermal Reconditioning

* View the process

Thermal Reconditioning is a Japanese straightening process that makes wavy and curly hair permanently straight. Even with the weather we have in Seattle it remains straight! During this procedure your hair is reconditioned while also refining its texture. Thermal Reconditioned hair stays straight, silky, and smooth even in foggy and humid climates.

Thermal reconditioning your hair is a time consuming process taking 3 or more hours to complete. Clients interested in Thermal reconditioning should first call for a consultation and evaluation or email me.


There are many great sources for wigs these days but many of them arrive way too thick. Usually the front of the wigs near the bangs and around the ears are the thickest. I have been working with wigs for years. Getting a wig to not look like a wig is definately an art. Wigs are usually constructed with too much hair so they look way too full, stiff and blocky. With proper cutting and thinning a wig, they can be made to look very natural. I am a wig stylist...I cut, texture, color and style wigs.

If you are looking for a wig maker I would recommend Anton of Anton's Hair Company (Wig Makers Since 1952).
Here is his number - (425) 562-7979. He and his son are the best wig makers / repairers in Seattle & Bellevue.



Here is the deal-
Beauty comes from within. It is not produced by having great hair. Great hair without internal beauty is superficial and is perceived that way. So trust me, if you are a beautiful person it will be seen regardless of your hair.
Now if you know this and you want a great haircut or color call me.



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